About Us

Pest Control Johannesburg

All the pest control you need for pest free zone!

Pest Control Johannesburg was started in 2005 using environmentally safe products, high quality built deterrents and ensuring that we keep our pest control solutions well within our clients budget.

With a team of experts and super talented engineers and professionals who work together to ensure that you get the best from us from customer service to high quality built pest prevention products.

Pest control services you can afford!

Pest Control Johannesburg has been able to reduce our rates over the years to match up with our current target audience which has expanded from one sector to another.

Today we provide commercial and residential pest control services exclusively for you:

  • Pest Experts:- Our pest control experts are qualified and certified to ensure that you are receiving professional services executed by more than competent individuals you will be glad to work with.
  • Local Pest Control:- At Pest Control Johannesburg we are a locally based pest control service provider that  caters for both homes and business owners in and around the city.
  • Professional Pest Control:- Our team is always professional and will not take defeat from pests so we can assure you that we will take care of all your pests guaranteed!

Pest Control Johannesburg deals with Johannesburg’s most well known pests such as rats, mice, bed bugs, pigeons, wasps and cockroaches which we deal with within a matter of hours and days depending on the scale f service.

Let us help you with your pests, give our team a call at Pest Control Johannesburg today and we will ensure that you have pest free zone!